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Video Production

The perfect video testimonial or tour can bring life to your online presence and give customers a glimpse into what makes your business better than your competition. Are you capturing new customers by utilizing videos in your online marketing strategy? If not, you are missing out on not only a growing internet trend, but also a fun way to reach new – and returning – customers.

Benefits of using video online

Online browsers are inundated with information. Consider your last quick search online – between written content and side bar advertising, it can be hard for a company to truly capture the attention of consumers. A well timed video can be the perfect way to stand out from other businesses online.

A well placed testimonial from a happy client or an interview with a business executive who exudes passion for customer service can increase interest from online browsers, turning them into new clients for your business.

The Search SEO Austin approach

At Search SEO Austin, we know that a great video must be short and powerful. We guide our clients through their monthly, quarterly, and yearly business goals, encouraging marketing techniques that tie together and maximize exposure across target audiences. For many of our clients, videos are an important part of that strategy.

We are able to produce videos for your business and then get those videos onto your social media pages and website. We know that Facebook scrollers are more likely to notice or share videos, as opposed to a status, and work to get the right information into those video interactions.

Are you currently using videos in your online marketing plans? If not, you are missing out on the chance to give your business a bit of life online. Use words and photos, but incorporate video as well.

Let the Search SEO Austin team help – contact us today to get started.

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Ready to launch a new project?
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