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4 Features of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

People spend about three hours on their smartphones every day and almost 90% of individuals note they access a search engine at least once in that period. With Google removing priority from non-mobile websites, now is the time to make sure your site is mobile-friendly in Austin. However, it isn’t enough to simply create a website that works on mobile devices. It has to offer a great experience to anyone who visits. Below we’ll talk about some methods to ensure that happens.

1. Choose a Responsive Design

All sorts of devices with various screen sizes will be used to visit your website. Sometimes, the same person will visit on unique devices. Your website must provide a great user experience no matter how someone accesses it.

Responsive design means that the site formats itself for the device being used to open it. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or laptop, the content will look great, and browsing the site will be a cinch.

2. Incorporate an Understandable Call-to-Action

Adding a call-to-action button is a great way to remind consumers about what you want them to do once they reach your website. Keep in mind that many people will be on smartphones, which have small screens, so your CTA button should be sized with this in mind. Consider implementing sticky navigation with an incorporated button.

3. Create Simple Navigation Options

Navigation is the method a visitor uses to get around your site. With a mobile-friendly design, you have to remember that space is at a premium. You want the navigation to be constantly visible and simple to understand.

For a mobile screen, navigation should be vertical. In addition, make sure to add space between different elements so the wrong location doesn’t get a click.

4. Consider Click-to-Call Functionality

If you run an e-commerce or B2B website, you need an easy method for visitors to reach out to you. Click-to-call is a way for visitors to make a call to you with a single tap on the screen. It’s an excellent alternative to forms, which may be challenging to fill out on a small screen.

Having a responsible mobile-friendly website is a must for any business today. It appeals to customers and can give you better rankings on search engines. If you need assistance creating a site that keeps the interest of visitors, there’s help out there. Reach out to Search SEO Austin and learn more about our website solutions.

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