How Often Should I Be Updating My Blog?

If you ask five different people how often you need to update your blog, there is a good chance you would come away with five different answers. This is because individuals, niches, sites, and audiences are all different. There is no single “perfect” answer that will work for everyone. You will need to determine the frequency of posts that will work best for your audience.

However, we can safely say that you need to update your blog at least once per week. Any less than this, and you are going to end up forgotten by your readers before long. Most will find more success with frequent content, but if you can only do one blog per week right now, that’s okay. Just make sure you put one up every week.

Posting a blog at least three times per week can help to increase your reach, keep your readers happy, and continue to work in your favor for SEO purposes. If you can do a post a day, and ensure that the content is well-written, you could do even better.

Any more than once a day, if you aren’t a news site, could be too much for your readers. You want to provide them with content, but you don’t want to inundate them with too much.

Create a Schedule

One of the most important things about your blog posts, whether you are posting one a week or one each weekday, is that you are consistent. You want to make sure you are consistent with the number of posts you are putting up and with the time they go up.

Your readers will come to expect your posts to go up at a certain time, and this is when they will head to your site. If the posts are erratic and you are putting them up without rhyme or reason, you are going to lose readers.

Develop a schedule that you can stick to and then make sure that you do. Of course, coming up with topics for your blog and writing the content can take a lot of time and energy. Then you have to consider the promotion of that content through social media.

If you find that you can’t stick to the schedule, there is no shame in getting some help. You might have help with the creation of the content, posting to your site, or posting on social media. Getting some help from the professionals at Search SEO Austin with this aspect of your business can allow you to focus on other parts of running the company.

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