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How Quality Keywords and Social Media is a 1-2 Punch

Even the savviest of business owners can be led astray by SEO goals. SEO is the invisible rating system by which all businesses are judged on the internet. Those with better SEO rates appear higher in the search results when keywords are triggered in search engines. On a local and national scale, SEO is used by every search engine to get the user what they need: information. Sometimes that information comes in the form of questions and answers, videos, posts, and updates. It can include anything and everything that can tell the general public more about you and your industry. However, that does not mean that all keywords, all content, and most of all, all social media activity, is the correct thing for SEO.

SEO looks at all those things, of course, but it operates on a principle of quality. Generally, if you put in low-quality content and keywords, you’ll get out low-quality ratings. What you want is to use high-quality keywords and your internet tools to create the highest possible content. That means you want the right answers when someone searches for specific questions. This is often called the content marketing side of SEO. Content marketing is a specific side of SEO because it revolves around finding the best words that will link or encourage people to return to your site. This happens in the same way that doing a search for information will lead a user to your site. However, that only happens if your SEO is good enough.

The 1: High-Quality Keywords for SEO Ratings

The words we use every day tell the world about us. This is magnified when we only have one chance (really!) to tell strangers everything that we’re about and give them the information they need to make an informed choice, no matter what their options or questions are. Credibility lends itself somewhat to the freedoms we have in diction. However, most of it comes down to linguistic choices. That is why keywords make the difference for SEO ratings. Consider the difference between two searches like “how to make cash fast” and “how to increase my income from home”. Both tell you a lot about the person making the search, and the results that come up, tell them a lot about you, too.

The 2: Social Media for Content Marketing

It’s no secret that people flock to those platforms and communities which interest them. Our entire internet presence is created off of the things we search, look at, and even say now. Every person gets their own internet persona, and their own ‘profile’ for search engines. Really, this means that your business needs to create content that attracts people from similar interests. This is why platforms with a suggested page option are so important for marketing and drawing in people. The best companies draw in people, not with ads, but with content that speaks to their clientele.

The Punch: Search SEO Austin

Both keywords and content marketing are pivotal in your internet business opportunities. Further, all of this is, well, a lot. That is why there are people like us who have made it their job to make you more of a presence online, in the right way. Search SEO Austin is your source for everything from content creation to SEO-compliant blog posts and more. Give us a call today to see how we can take your product and brand to the next level, be it locally or nationally.

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