Mobile-Friendly Keywords and Search Terms

How often do you reach for your phone during the day when you need to look up something? You have your phone on you most of the time, so it makes sense that you would use it whenever you needed to find out some information or make a purchase. This is true with most people. Mobile use has outstripped desktop usage, and this means you have to consider this with your SEO.

Do people search differently when they are on their phones? Do you really need to rethink some of the keywords you are using? The answer is yes, you do. While you can still use many of the same keywords that you’ve been using, you have to think about how mobile users operate.

Different Types of Searches for the Same Products

The keywords that someone on their phone might use when searching will often be more specific and localized. Additionally, it tends to be more urgent when people are using their phones rather than their desktop at home.

This simply means that when someone searches for something on their desktop, they aren’t pressed for time. However, if you are on your phone and you are out, you want to find what you need faster.

The Right Keywords

Let’s look at an example.

If you need a new car charger for your phone, and you are at home, it won’t be quite as urgent. You could order from Amazon, you could order from any local store, or you could find a store and head out in a day or two to get it.

However, if you are out and you don’t have a charger—and your phone is running out of juice—you want that charger right away. So, you might type in “where to buy phone charger near me” or “electronics store + city”. There is more urgency in how consumers are searching.

Therefore, when you are creating content and SEO for your pages, you need to also think about those mobile users and the sense of urgency they may have. Of course, when you are choosing the keywords, you also have to consider things like keyword difficulty, search volume, ranking position, etc.

Understanding standard keywords and phrases are difficult enough, but now you also have to think about mobile-friendly keywords. To make things easier, you might want to outsource and work with an SEO specialist.

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Andrew Sansardo

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