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Use Social Media to Boost Your Ads Campaign

The right social media marketing strategy can bring a lot of engagement to your ad campaign.  Here are some quick tips to help you get started with incorporating social into your next ad campaign.

Create Unique Posts for Each Platform

It might be tempting when promoting an event to just post the same thing on every single social media account you have.  Do not do this!  Each site has its own “language” and tone of voice which you should take into account when creating content for that platform.

Post Before and After Photos

If you’re trying to capture people’s attention about what they will miss out on if they don’t attend an event, then showing them before and after photo is a great way to get people excited.  It can also be used to show the effects of an event that has already happened.

Introduce Your Audience To Each Other

If you have two or more personas in your ad campaign, then introduce them to each other!  This can work really well if they’re both present at an event. Plus, it’s even better when they’re following your page and see themselves in the featured posts.

Do Not Underestimate Instagram Video

When it comes to getting engagement on social media, videos are king (not including Facebook Live!).  Instagram has been stepping up their game with this for a while now. We’ve seen time and time again how effective these videos are at engaging customers.

Include Hashtags in Your Post

If you want to get more reach on Instagram, try adding a relevant hashtag to the end of your caption. One thing you should note though is that if your audience is mostly local, it’s better not to use hashtags since they can make the post less personalized and therefore less effective.

Post For Two Minutes Each Day

Chances are that with most ad campaigns, you’re going to have a lot of photos and videos ready to be used. Posting each one for a few minutes every day might seem daunting but trust us when we say that this will help boost engagement with your posts even more! For more tips, reach out to us here at SearchSEO Austin We can help with social media, ads, and more!


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